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There are many olives varieties in Egypt. The fruits can be harvested green (Unripe) or fully ripened to black, or any stage in between. The key to olives’ flavor, color and texture is the moment of harvesting.
Olives should be processed before eating. Extracting oil from olives became an important industry because olive oil has proven its importance in lowering the risks of heart disease, reducing hypertension and stroke. Olive oil also protects the body against oxidants and decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Besides its health importance, olive oil is recommended to get healthy hair, nails and skin.
Olives’ season in Egypt begins from August until the end of November
Olives could be stored up to 12 months except for Tofahy type.
Packing is customized according to olives specifications in term of sizes, colors and packaging style. -HS code: 070992.

  • Different types of Olives
    Green Olives:
    Green rounded fruits
    Big sizes 8-16gm
    Percentage of oil 5-7%
    Season from Aug. till Nov
    Storage up to three months
    Green medium fruits
    Sizes range from 10-11gm
    Seed 10-15% of the fruit
    Excellent in processing to be stuffed with pepper or carrot
    Varieties (Shamy: Almond-shaped with medium size 7-10gm)
    (Aksi: Elongated with smaller size 6-8gm)
    Is the most famous Spanish olive
    Almost rounded fruit
    With medium sizes 4-6gm
    Seed 10-12% of the fruit
    Percentage of oil 16-20%
    Fruits (Olives) start to ripen in September (Green Olives) until November (Black Olives)
    -Black Olives:
    One of the best-known varieties of olives
    Large – dark purple olives (Black)
    Elongated shape with sharp point
    Smooth, meat-like flesh taste with low percentage bitterness
    Used as table olives
    Oil percentage 15-20%
    Fruit size 3-7gm.
    Seed 9-11% of the fruit weight
    Must be handpicked to avoid damage and can’t be harvested green

-Pequal (Piqual):
Small rounded Black OlivesSizes 3-7gm
Seed 12% of the fruit weight
Percentage of oil 18-22%

Elongated Black Olives
Average sizes 3-6gm
Percentage of oil 15-18%

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