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-Product: Egyptian Celery-Variety: Green.-Sizes: Length 5 ~ 10 CMPackaging: 2.5 Kg Carton – Bulk pack+Availability: Around year-Shipping: Air Shipment.

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Fresh Olives -From the fresh producer and Exporter- GreengrocersThere are many olives varieties in Egypt. The fruits can be harvested green (Unripe) or fully ripened to black, or any stage…

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An impressive-looking green-purple globe-shaped vegetable covered in layers of leaves, that is actually an edible type of thistle. Globe artichokes require a little effort in preparation and cooking, however the…

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Hot Chili

With their attractive brightly coloured, smooth, shiny skins, chillies range from mildly hot to scorchingly fiery. Red and green chillies are widely available although yellow and orange varieties can also…

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Pepper “capsicum”

Egyptian Capsicum “Peppers”Brightly coloured and sweet flavoured, peppers (also known as bell peppers) are a versatile vegetable that are eaten both raw and cooked and are used in many different…

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