Ranging in colour from vivid cherry red to bright yellow, in flavour from sweet and juicy to tangy and in size from tiny cherry varieties to plump beefsteak tomatoes, they are a versatile and popular ingredient. All types are now often sold on the vine as well. When buying, choose firm tomatoes with a bright unflawed skin, they should have a subtly sweet aroma.

Types of Tomato

Beef Tomatoes
The largest of the tomato varieties, these have a sweet dense red flesh. Ideal for stuffing, slicing or cooking with.

Vine Ripened Tomatoes
These are packed with flavour and mature further and keep better on the vine. With a distinctive tomato aroma they are delicious in salads or try them roasted on the vine.

Cherry Tomatoes
These are much smaller than other tomato varieties and have a very intense sweet flavour. Delicious as a lunchbox snack, in salads or roasted.

Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine
The small cherry tomato with a more intense flavour and aroma. Try roasting them on the vine or on the barbecue.

Sungold Tomatoes
A much more delicate flavour than the traditional cherry, very juicy and a lovely orange colour which looks great in salads or as a garnish.

Baby Plum Tomatoes
The most intensely sweet flavour and juicy flesh, with an elongated shape and deep colour. Ideal for salads or cooking they also make a great snack.

Midi Plum Tomatoes
Smallish plum tomatoes which have a sweet-sour flavour, they have a distinctive oval shape and have a very high flesh/seed ratio which makes them great for most cooking methods, from casseroles to barbecues.

Plum tomatoes
These egg-shaped tomatoes have a meaty flesh and concentrated flavour, which makes them especially well-suited to cooking. They are available in various sizes including baby. Plum tomatoes are the most popular variety for canning.
-HS Code: 070200.
-Varieties: R196, Bar 84 or Cherry Tomato.
-Sizes: Length 3 ~ 5 CM
-Packaging: 2 KG or 5 KG Cartons
-Shipping: Air Shipment.

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