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Is light yellow and blushed in the midst of pink. Guava is accessible from late spring through early fall. Guava fruits are sodium free, low in fat and calories. It…

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Egyptian fresh pears, Greengrocers exports to all markets around the world.Egyptian Pear | Pears fruit is almost sweet juicy yellow or green fruit and rough in texture with a rounded…

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Peach It is enormously rich in vitamin A and potassium and makes the skin healthy and also adds color to the complexion. Use of peaches, on a normal basis, can…

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Code: 080910.-Product: Egyptian Fresh Apricots-Variety: Sweet.-Sizes: 8 punnets X 250 Gm. Per Carton.-Packaging: 2 kg standard carton Bulk packing.-Availability: June till August End-Shipping: Air Shipment. Apricots are small, golden orange…

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Plums have a flabby, round shape, very soft and shiny. Plums fruits are rich in dietary fiber, which in tur أوn proves helpful in improving the digestive system. It almost…

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