Egyptian fresh pears, Greengrocers exports to all markets around the world.
Egyptian Pear | Pears fruit is almost sweet juicy yellow or green fruit and rough in texture with a rounded figure. It contains much water in it that was fresh when consumed. Pear fruits are always good for skin and have plenty of fibers. Vitamin k is rich in pears fruit which helps blood clotting process and also has the likely to prevent the body from a case of severe diseases such as stroke and heart disease. It is also useful for those who are allergic to foods or food bigotry due Pears also turn out to be one of the fruits that can withstand an allergic response to a food.
-HS Code: 080820.
-Sizes: 150 ~ 300 gm (16-25) pieces Per Carton.
-Packing: 2.5 kg Standard carton.
-Availability: Around the year
-Shipping: Air Shipment.

  • Selection and Storage
    Fresh pears can be readily available in the stores. Egyptian pears are generally ready to harvest by August and made available in the stores by September. It is exclusively available in Greengrocers’s storages and ready to be exported to any destination, for almost all year long.

Choose fresh, bright, firm textured fruits with rich flavor. Avoid those with pressure marks over their surface as they indicate underlying mottled pulp. Some fruits may feature rusted speckles over their skin, which otherwise, is an acceptable characteristic.

Keep unripe pears in a basket with separate chambers at room temperature or wrap in paper to ripen as you do in papaya. The fruit is ripe once it yields to gentle pressure and ready to be eaten.

Eat them while they are fresh to get maximum nutrient benefits. Otherwise, keep them in the refrigerator where they will remain fresh for a few days.

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