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Autumn Royal Grape

Autumn Royal Grape from Egypt – We Supply the highest quality for exporting.As one of the leaders in the field of exporting Egyptian Autumn Royal grapes, Greengrocers offers the best…

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Greengrocers is the best to export Crimson grapes from Egypt.Crimsons are generally late season grapes. These seedless berries are sweet, firm and meaty with attractive blush red skin. Crimsons are…

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Red Globe

Egyptian Red Globe grapes | Fresh, High-quality an bed Tasty.Egyptian Red Globe Grapes is the largest round red berries of all the red grapes grown. Red Globes are famous for…

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Egyptian Flame Grapes – Fresh, Healthy and tasty – Greengrocers is ready to export to any destination.Flame grape Contains 80 percent of water. By Consuming red grapes with his skin…

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Superior Grapes

The best Egyptian Superior Grapes are ready to be exported to all over the world by Greengrocers.Greengrocers is supplying Egyptian Fresh Produce, that one of the most fame items Greengrocers…

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