Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges at the best quality from Egypt.
Valencia oranges are the most well-known type of orange.
Valencia oranges are very sweet and have a distinctive bright colored juice that other citrus fruits don’t have. As a result of the unique color of the juice, many bottled orange juices are made from Valencia oranges because people love the bright color of the juice from these oranges. Here are some other interesting facts about the most popular orange in the world:

Oranges are the largest citrus crop in the world. The most-popular variety today is the Valencia, a medium to large fruit with a smooth, finely-textured rind which is thin-skinned and harder to peel. Firm and heavy for their size, they are picked when fully ripe. The bright orange fruit has virtually no seeds. These Valencia Oranges have excellent color and quality and are bursting with sweet, fresh-from-the-tree flavor – perfect for juicing. This orange is excellent not only for its juice, but for eating fresh out of hand as well. this variety of oranges are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and folate. They also contain antioxidants that help boost immunity.

Egyptian Valencia Orange in brief; Most widely grown oranges vary in Egypt under a set of the standards for round oranges in terms of color, sweetness and also for juicing characters.
it’s the most required Orange type all over the world for eat & juice purposes.
Greengrocers has its own farms which grow the best types of Valencia oranges in Egypt, that allow us to give the most acceptable features of Valencia Orange into the selling market.
Greengrocers is the Egyptian Citrus Supplier for Valencia Orange that exports to a wide range of important countries like France, Italy, India, Malaysia, Russia, and Senegal.
-HS Code: 080510.
-Sizes: 40/48/56/64/72/80/88/100/113/125
-Packing: Orange wrapped with Tissues and Label Sticker on top Layer.
Telescopic Carton 15 KG N.W:16 KG G.W.
Open Top Carton 15 KG N.W :16 KG G.W.
Arab carton pack
Telescopic / Open Top Carton 8 KG G.W
80 Cartons / Pallet
21 Pallets only in Telescopic carton / 40 FT container
Brand Name: Greengrocers
Valencia Availability: First of Jan till May
Shipping: Reefer Container.
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